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Monday: Homework

Tuesday: Movie & Discussion

Wednesday: Youth Rock and Creative Arts Night

Thursday: Homework and Cooking

Friday: Youth Rock, Information & Education and Rap-Up

Extras: Sports, Meet the Needs to Succeed, Arts & Crafts, Games Room, Music Studio, & Off Site Activities.

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    Cornerstone Cooking

    Cornerstone Cooking is a group of youth aged 12-18 who want to enhance their cooking skills and knowledge while celebrating cultural diversity and build sustainability within their communities. The youth will learn the basics to cooking as well as safe food handling practices, nutritional information, menu-planning and the benefits of healthy eating. Together, the youth will build positive relationships with each other, enhance their food literacy and learn the values of cooking collectively.

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    Meet the Needs to Succeed

    This will be the ninth year that volunteers, and staff, from Cornerstone will take part in CYC’s “Meet The Needs To Succeed” Program, at Sir John Franklin Junior High. We go to the school on Wednesday’s for an hour or two and assist teachers in their classrooms to help provide the students with more one-on-one help.

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    Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30 till 5:30 pm there are staff and volunteers at the centre to help the youth with their homework and in other areas of learning that they struggle with, such as reading and writing. We have computers with internet access for the youth to use to conduct research for their school projects.

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    Arts & Crafts

    The community youth, as well as staff and volunteers look forward to doing arts and crafts together on various afternoons. Arts and crafts include activities such as beading, painting, colouring, drawing, scrapbooking, and building seasonal decorations. While taking part in these activities, the youth tend to open up a lot more and some great discussions can take place.

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    Creative Arts Night

    This is a program designed to engage junior high youth in conversations with adult mentors regarding the real life issues that they face on a daily basis. Through various activities such as model cars, electric slot-car race track, baking, cooking, games, rocket building, skating, etc., the youth open up and give us incite into the life of a junior high kid and the things they face each day. These conversations help to build healthy relationships with the youth.

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    Sports Activities

    Our main sports activities happen a minimum of once a month. These include things such as swimming, laser tag, and zoo trips. There is also a basketball pad in the back and equipment for street hockey which we play during the summer in the adjacent parking lot. These activities help to encourage the youth to have an active lifestyle.

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    Calgary Foundation Games Room

    With a generous grant from the Calgary Foundation, Cornerstone was able to furnish the downstairs with a number of arcade type games such as an air-hockey table, bubble hockey table, foosball table, pool table, PlayStation console, and Nintendo console. In recognition of their grant we call the room the Calgary Foundation Games Room. The games room is used after all other programs finish for the day.

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    Off-trip Activities

    We find each year that a lot of our community youth have never been to a professional sports game. Thanks to generous donors, we receive tickets to the Flames, Stampeders, and Hitmen games which enables volunteers and staff to be able to experience some wonderful first time events with the youth. We hope to be able to do some more of this in the coming year.
    Do you have tickets you can’t use? We have kids who can!

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    Music Studio

    To date, we have invested approximately $7,500.00 into musical instruments, guitar amps, power speakers, microphones, and a digital recording console. The addition of these items to the studio has made it a hit with most of the youth who frequent the centre. Volunteer musicians and staff spend time with the youth teaching them and jamming with them, sometimes for hours. This is one area where young attention spans are not short. Some of the youth have done well enough to play in public. This wonderful program allows for self expression, imagination, and team work.

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    Information & Education

    One afternoon each month we invite a speaker from another organization in to speak to our youth about an issue of importance to them. Topics include anger management, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, physical relationships, suicide, peer pressure, bullying, and self-worth. The youth generally participate well in this program and disclosure and conversation can be quite insightful.

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    Movie & Discussion

    Once a week we watch a pre-viewed, age appropriate movie with the youth. Afterwards, we have a discussion with them regarding the various aspects of the movie including the different things happened in it and the decisions the characters made. We try to relate it to their every day lives and talk about what we would do in similar situations. This program works to put a positive spin on media.

  • Rap-up

    Rap Up, which takes place on Friday afternoons, continues to be a hit with the youth. Two volunteer facilitators offer the youth a safe place and time to talk about issues that are of interest and concern to them. These conversations are usually brought up through fun and engaging activities that are provided by the volunteers.

For more information about our Programs or if your are interested in volunteering for any of our programs, please contact us.